Getting Started

To get started, I basically 100% disassembled a good running, 148 MPH trapping dog box equipped, close to full weight 2G.  To stay alive for the week, I felt I had to put an automatic in the car so I bought a transmission and all of the required swap parts and shipped the transmission to Aaron Gregory for some upgrades.  While the engine and subframes were out, I decided to paint the engine bay, something I’ve been wanting to do for the past 10+ years but just never had the time. 

I purchased paint from that is a perfect OEM paint color match.  I considered the engine bay a test so I bought some rattle cans from them, primer, paint and clear coat.  The paint turned out to be a PERFECT match to the OEM color so I’ve since ordered some ready to spray paint for some future work on the car. 

The engine bay was very challenging to spray, trying to get into all the tight spots and get full coverage but in the end it turned out really well.  To get a little extra shine, I bought Meguires Pro polishing compound and spent a couple hours cleaning things up.  I’m pretty happy with how it came out, I hope I don’t destroy it on a week of thrashing at Drag Week!

Onto the pictures!

Bare Engine Bay – Ready for paint
Light setup
Base Coat laid down
Decent shine – as sprayed