Sorry for the lack of updates the last couple weeks.  I’ve been traveling a bunch for work so it slowed work on the car slightly, but its still progressing. 

My dad recently buttoned up my engine.  There’s one part I need to finish it up and I also need to get my intake cam tapped because I’m going to run a 2G CAS.  Then I’ll degree the cams in and the engine will be ready to drop in.

The engine is the same engine that was in the car for the past few years.  It’s a turbo4.com 2.0 with Wiseco pistons and aluminum rods.  Kiggly girdle, ARP mains, etc.  I had a bad time with money shifts in the car with the dog box.  I found that when the car got loose during acceleration, my focus would be more on steering than the shift and the dreaded 1-2-1 or 2-3-2 would happen.  I think this motor saw at least 5 misshifts, all occurring above 9000 RPM which takes the engine into the 12-14k RPM range.  That’s the sole reason I decided to tear the engine down and go through it.  Amazingly, it all looked perfect, minus the couple rockers it threw on the last misshift.  

The head is a custom CNC ported head, Kiggly bee-hive springs and I’m switching to smaller Kelford cams now (I was on the FP5R/11’s before).  I’m also using a DVDT Fab sheet metal intake with 8 Fuel Injector Clinic Injectors. 

While I had the engine apart, I decided to do the Kiggly oil pickup mod.  It was such a pain to try to weld on crappy oil pickup.  I spent a bunch of time cleaning it but I couldn’t get all the oil out and it made welding a nightmare.  I’m definitely not a pro welder either, I’m just a self-taught welder from youtube videos.  I finished off the bottom end with a new 90 oil filter housing for the external oil cooler and a brand new oil pan.  I think that covers most of the engine stuff for now, feel free to ask any questions. 

Notice the Backyard Bandit in the background. 🙂

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