New Parts!

It’s time for some new parts!  I have to give a HUGE thank you to Xona Rotor for this incredibly beautiful XR 105 68 turbocharger.  The turbo is a work of art and I can’t wait to run it.  It goes along perfectly with the custom engraved Tial MV-S 38mm waste gates. 

I decided to install the springs in the waste gate today, they come with a variety of springs for everything from .3 bar to 1.7 bar of base pressure.  I decided to install 1 bar worth of spring.  In my experience when running a boost control solenoid and applying boost pressure to the top of the gate, you can still run a lot of boost, more than I should need.  I can add more spring if I find a boost limit with this setup.  On the newer MV-S gates, the red and black springs give you 1 bar. 

Compressing the springs can be challenging so I setup an Irwin clamp in my vice with a block of wood to compress the gate.  I taped the top to prevent any scratching.  This ended up working out really well and made this an easy one-person job. 

Once that was done, I installed the gates and turbo to my old school Shearer Fab header.  If you are interested in this header, hit up Morrison Fab.  They took over the Shearer headers and make some cool new headers now too.  I didn’t have the right size snap ring pliers so I wasn’t able to clock the compressor cover yet but I’ll do that in the next week. 

Oil Restrictor

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