More Parts!

I don’t have any big updates because I’ve been gathering parts so I’ll just take some time to talk about some of the parts that have come in. 

As you saw in the previous post, I have a new Xona Rotor XR 105 68 turbocharger for the car.  The thing is beautiful, I can’t wait to get the engine in the car so I can mount it.  I’m so glad to have Xona Rotor on board for this project, they’ve been amazing to work with.

I also got a new set of TiAl MV-S Wastegates and a pair of Tial Q BOV’s.  These were custom engraved by TiAl with my logo on them and they look killer. 

I got my Fuel Injector Clinic 2150’s cleaned by FIC and back here.  I’ve had these injectors a long time, FIC has since changed their adapter arrangement for more connector clearance but what I have works just fine for me. 

I also got my Haltech Elite 2500 for the car and started the wiring using Haltech’s premium unterminated harness.  This is the same ECU and harness I use in the dragster. 

I got a bunch of Kiggly goodies but the only one I have a picture of at the moment is the crank trigger.  You can see the main girdle in the previous post I made.  I also have the oil pressure modifier and Kiggly’s Front Clutch Basket. 

Here’s my Precision converter that I’ll be using.  This is a Precision #6 converter in their token purple color. 

Here’s what I’m using for both my engine oil cooler and transmission cooler.  I purchased two of these Derale fluid coolers and I’ll be mounting them in the side openings

And here’s my random rack of parts.  You’ll notice some manual parts here too because I also have a dogbox for this car that may or may not go back in after Drag Week.