Wiring… This is going to be a long post.  I have a love/hate relationship with wiring.  I’m decent at it, but I’m incredibly slow at it and I strongly dislike doing it.  I’ve also found it costs a fortune to do it correctly but at this point I have all the tools, including a shrink sleeve label maker and Deutsch crimper so doing more wiring jobs isn’t too bad.  Don’t ask me to build you a wiring harness though, you can’t pay me enough. 

This post is going to be more a wiring and electronics post.  I’ll post more about the DBW setup in the next post but pretty much everything else electrical will be here. 

The core electronics in the car are:

Haltech Elite 2500T ECU

Forced Four Smart 100.1 Shift Box

Race Technologies Dash2Pro dash (8gb data logging, 3 axis accelerometers, GPS, etc)

Haltech CAN wideband

Haltech CAN hub

Dynatek ARC II (debating going M&W)

300M Coils

Assorted Haltech Pressure and Temperature Sensors – I can go more into what all I’m logging later if anyone asks. 

Haltech Premium long flying lead harness                    

Amazon switch panel with USB and Cigarette lighter ports

Stock Mitsubishi fuse box and chassis harness

Raychem DR-25 sleeving

Primarily Duetsch DT/DTM/DTP connectors

Most of this post is just going to be pictures, I’ll add quick comments to what I’m showing in them if I think it needs explanation.  Otherwise, please ask!

Random parts assortment. You can see here that the Dash is a reuse from the dragster. We switched the dragster to the new AEM CD5 color dash for some added features it has. Both cars run the Haltech Elite 2500.

Haltech mounted in the passenger foot-well

Getting started, it looks like a mess

Primary and Secondary injector wiring
Dash mounted
Switch Panel

And I’m going to hold off on “Finished” wiring pictures because that will give away the finished car. 🙂 I’ll post more this week.