Auto Transmission

If you were following along closely, you read where I put the engine in the car with the dogbox because I was waiting on some parts to finish up my auto trans. 

Well now its time to put the auto in.  Like everything in this build, the auto trans snowballed way beyond what I originally was going to do.  I’ll try to list all the parts I went with in the trans:

Kiggly Billet Front Clutch

Liberty Transfer Gears

JB Designs Rear Basket

JB Designs Input Shaft

Translab Shift Kit

Morrison Fab Short Shift Bracket

I also went with the Kiggly Racing 2G 6 Bolt adapter plate and flex plate. 

To get the power from the engine to the transmission I went with a Precision #6 torque converter. 

Getting the power out of the transmission I made some upgrades as well.  I already had a FrontLine Fab automatic transfer case brace so I decided to use that.  I also had a brand new manual transmission 300M transfer case.  In case anyone wasn’t aware, the output shaft and transfer case gears are the same between the auto and manual (for like years).  So I took my auto housings, cross shaft and FLF tcase brace and swapped in the gear and output shaft from my manual 300M transfer case. 

I already had a DSS 3.5” driveshaft but I got the Sonnax front yoke from Tim Zimmer for it.  I also had DSS stage 5 rear axles that work with an auto or manual so they went back in.  I had to swap in an auto rear diff and I had a billet rear diff cover made probably about 5 years before FLF made theirs so I decided just to keep that.  I had a set of DSS Stage 2 front axles for the car but I broke one with the dog box so I bought a new replacement for that. 

Here’s a summary of the driveline:

Kiggly 6 bolt 2G adapter and flex plate

Precision #6 Converter

Fully Built Auto Transmission

300M Transfer Case with FLF Brace

DSS Stage 2 Front Axles

Sonnax Front Yoke

DSS 3.5” Aluminum Driveshaft

Custom Billet rear diff cover

DSS Stage 5 Rear axles

The transmission looks like crap and I didn’t have time to paint it or anything so the next time I have a chance it’s going to get cleaned up and painted or maybe even powder coated if I feel like taking it apart.