More Turbo

Alright, lets go back to buttoning up the turbo.  Just a reminder, I went with the Xona Rotor XR 10569S X3C turbocharger ( ).  This is their ~1100 hp turbo in a really nice compact package.  I’m controlling boost with a pair of TiAl MV-S waste gates also with our custom engraved logo on them.  I can’t thank TiAl and Xona enough for coming on board for this build. 

These are all mounted to a Shearer Fab header which you can now buy from Matt and Samantha at Morrison Fab.  In an effort to save time (plus they’re a lot better at this than me!) I ordered a custom Morrison Fab downpipe also.  I worked closely with Matt to get it as close as possible to mounting to my exhaust and he left the last two welds for me to finish it off.  This saved me a ton of time and it came out perfect. 

I also plumbed up all the wastegate vacuum lines, oil lines and coolant lines using stainless AN hose.