Let’s go over some of the plumbing.  This post will cover just a high-level look at several different things.  Post up what you want to see more detail about and I’ll do my best to cover it. 

First, I’ll start with intercooler piping.  I have a 5” thick ETS intercooler with 3” lower piping and 3.5” upper.  This has been on the car a while and I figured I’d reuse the whole setup for this build.  That didn’t go to plan… haha.  I ended up needing to weld an elbow on the end of the intercooler to clear my oil cooler (I believe I posted about that already? If not, I’ll have to make another post about my coolers).  That elbow necessitated making a new lower intercooler pipe.  Then when I put the automatic in, I discovered that my charge pipe that cleared the manual transmission hit the auto, so now its time for a new upper IC pipe as well.  I made the upper and lower pipes myself.  I’m not an expert welder but I can get by TIG welding.  I purchased tubing from Extreme PSI then cut/fit and welded it all myself.  Here’s the upper being made:

Old charge pipe with the manual:

Next up is the downpipe and exhaust.  I stated before that I purchased the downpipe from Morrison Fab.  It came out amazing and saved me a ton of time.  I already had a 4” aluminum exhaust from the back of the transfer case back so I just had to finish the last bit of the downpipe from Morrison Fab to fit with my exhaust.  Here are some pics:

Then there’s all the AN lines on this car.  There are A LOT.  I used mostly black nylon hose and black fittings all from Extreme PSI.  Here’s a list of what has AN lines and what size:

Oil Cooler -8 AN

Transmission Cooler -8 AN

All boost lines -4 AN

Turbo feed -4 AN

Turbo coolant lines -4 AN

Turbo Drain -10 AN

Ethanol tank to Bosch 044 pumps 2x -10 AN

044’s to rail Y to a single -8 AN

Secondary Rail Return -6 AN

In tank Walbro 450 to Rail -8 AN

Primary Rail return -6 AN

Radiator Hoses -16 AN

I think that covers it all, here are some pictures: