The Plan

Build and race the quickest 4 cylinder in the history of Hot Rod Drag Week.   A 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX that I’ve owned since 2002.  The car has been 9.99 at 148 MPH on a 5 speed manual transmission.  For Drag Week 2019, an automatic transmission will be installed along with substantial weight reduction and many other upgrades.  The most unique change for the car will be the fuel system.  Since E85 is not available for the entire route, changing fuels can be time consuming, and driving 1000 miles on race gas is cost prohibitive, a dual fuel system is being developed.  The stock 16 gallon fuel tank will be utilized for 93 octane with small primary FIC injectors.  A small fuel cell is also being added for E98 to feed a secondary rail with large FIC injectors.  The Haltech Elite ECU will be calibrated to turn the E98 fuel pumps on at a specific manifold pressure, then to start injecting the secondary injectors at a slightly higher manifold pressure.  The injector duty cycles will then match between the primary and secondary injectors, essentially making an ethanol blended fuel in the cylinder head.  This will allow the car to be driven on 93 octane on the street and approximately E85 on the race track with zero change to any components on the car and no required draining of fuel tanks at each event.  The car will also be getting a lot of other interesting and unique modifications to give it the best chance of the car and passengers surviving the week.  Some examples include a full 4” aluminum exhaust, drive by wire throttle control, extensive fluid coolers, etc. 

The car is currently 100% disassembled, it’s essentially a bare chassis with an NHRA certified 10 point cage.  Over the next several months, the car will be 100% designed, planned and built.  The entire wiring harness will be made, fuel system designed and plumbed, engine refreshed, subframes upgraded and installed, etc, etc, etc.  Then testing will begin to get the car as reliable as possible and verifying we can meet our ET and reliability goals. 

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